Promotional Activities


We take up all types of mass-promotional activities for effective Branding,  which include Door-to- door Campaigns, Organizing promotional activities at the retail outlets, banners &  posters on the autos, pamphlet distribution, Carrying out promotional activities at the Specified public  places and customized campaigning and promotional activities.

  • Door-to- door Campaigns: We take up door to door campaigns to spread brand awareness and product benefits among the common people. We have the workforce that is specialized to identify the target group and take up these campaigns and deliver effective Branding of the product.
  • Promotional activities at the Retail Outlets: We take up wide range of promotional activities at the Retail outlets that include, opening up counters before the retail outlets and spread awareness and promote the particular product for effective Branding. We also organize banners and posters at the outlets, interacting with the consumers and carrying on promotional activity.
  • Banners and Posters: We take up banner campaigns by putting up banners and posters on autos, which is an effective way to spread awareness of the brand. We also take up Auto based advertisements.
  • Distribution of Pamphlets: We organize pamphlet distribution which is an easy and effective way to spread the brand awareness among the TG.
  • Promotional Activities at Specified Public places: We take up customized promotional campaigns at the specified public places viz… Schools, Colleges, Public Parks, Play grounds e.t.c. as per the client’s requirement, which is also an effective method to enhance Brand Imagery.
  • In additional to the above mentioned activities we also take up any other type of mass promotional activities that can be custom designed as per the client needs.