We take care data collection or organizing field work

HMRB has a strong in-house experienced team and infrastructure to carry out the data collection with utmost quality and on time delivery. We offer data collection services using wide range of research methodologies. We have the expertise in carrying out through Quality Checks as per the required norms and processes, as per the required standards or customized as per the client’s requirements. We have the capability to deliver the data on time and it is very cost effective.  We carry out the FW across the following types of studies.


•    House hold

•    Centre Location Tests

•    Business to Business

•    Opinion Polls

•    Rural & Social

•    Trade

House hold: We have the strong team including the female team to carry out the data collection from the required TG, males or females. We have the expertise in doing all types of house-hold studies, that include opinion polls or census data collection, customer satisfaction studies, tracks, brand evaluation, Ad tests, product placements, concept testing, category or product penetration (listing exercises), Brand Imagery, Package testing and other studies including panels. We have the team possessing knowledge and experience in collecting the required data through PAPI or CAPI.

Centre Location Tests : We have the experience in conducting various types of CLT’s whether through traditional PAPI or CAPI. We have also done CLT’s using the EFFECTIVA technique (gauging the mood of the respondent, while viewing any AD).  We conduct the following type of CLT’s, through traditional PAPI based or through CAPI.

•    Testing of the Advertisements (concept testing of the Ad in its  pre-launch stage and effectiveness of the Ad post launch),
•    Product Test
•    Concept Test
•    Package Test
•    Clinics for Automotive based CLT’s (Truck or Tractor clinics)

Opinion Polls:  We offer data collection services for the opinion polls, through a dedicated and experienced team of freelancers. We have the experience in conducting both types of opinion polls that is EXIT POLLS as well as Media Related Opinion polls in entire Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu States.

Trade:  We do all types of trade and trade based interviewers, such as

•    Shop based Interviews, Mall or Shop exit interviews.
•    Retailer interviews.
•    All types of Mystery shopping and audits.
•    Studies to understand the Stocking / stacking behavior tendencies
•    Dealer satisfaction surveys.

Business to Business: We have the experienced corporate team, to take care of corporate studies. We have the experience in conducting following corporate studies.

•    Employee Satisfaction studies.
•    Industrial studies.
•    Doctor studies
•    Top corporate or interviews with the Top level management.
•    Demand estimation surveys

RURAL & Social Studies: We have the strong backup of experienced freelancers belonging to both the genders, who have good experience in handling any type of Rural and Social Projects.

CATI & CAWI: We have a dedicated pool of freelancers who have the ability to conduct any type of Telephonic or Web based studies.